Union Pearson Expree deploys NCR TouchPort 100 check-in solution

Union Pearson Express has deployed NCR TouchPort 100 check in solution to enhance travelers experience.
NCR TouchPort 100 check-in solution will be deployed for three key stations along the Pearson route to the Toronto Pearson International Airport including Union Station in downtown Toronto.
With NCR solution, travelers waiting for the train can check-in and print a boarding pass with common use kiosk deployed.
The NCR solution will help the UP Express to provide convenience to the customers so that they need not to wait in queues for check-in.
UP Express agreed that the new solution adopted from NCR is easy to use and has value and is user friendly interface.
The solution includes minimal or no instruction which will help the travelers to use the kiosk without any problem to deliver instant value to UP Express.
“NCR has enabled UP Express to deliver an innovative and convenient check-in experience that will serve travelers well for years to come,” said Dennis Davidson, vice president of Travel, NCR Corporation.
Few days ago, OTG Management deployed NCR SelfServ 90 self checkout solution at its restaurant and retail locations.
In February, MERKUP deployed NCR self-checkout solutions to reduce queues, improve customer service and operational effectiveness in its 128 stores.
In January, NCR announced the availability of the NCR SelfServ 90, a part of its FastLane SelfServ checkout solutions, for using as a free-standing self-checkout kiosk that can be installed on a countertop or mounted on a wall.
Last year in March, NCR released a report on airport shopping experience and demands of travelers and lack of digital infrastructure and shows passengers want to buy more items online, via mobile devices or kiosks when en route.