Unidesk 3.0 offers flexibility and scalability to Microsoft VDI

Unidesk, a provider of desktop and application management software for the cloud, announced the availability of Unidesk 3.0.

Unidesk 3.0 extends the Windows Server and Hyper-V platform to provide scalable management of the Microsoft VDI experience.

“This release marks a major milestone for our company as we significantly expand our market reach with the help of Microsoft,” said Don Bulens, Unidesk CEO.

The main benefits to enterprises, which are looking to host desktops and applications in their private clouds using Hyper-V and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), are immense, said Unidesk in a statement. For instance, enterprises can simplify application deployment, eliminate image sprawl, offer persistent personalization and achieve scalable management of VDI users, desktops, and collections.

Unidesk 3.0 launched

IDC in its latest research report says that Hyper-V units were on track to capture one third of the x86 hypervisor deployments in 2014.

Unidesk enables Windows operating systems, applications and personalization to be delivered and managed from a central installation point as modular virtual disks.

“Unidesk’s layering technology for Microsoft VDI takes the delivery and the management of virtualized Windows desktops and applications to a new level,” said Andrew Conway, senior director, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility.

Hamilton County Government, Indiana, is one of the customers of Unidesk.

“We’re planning to move to Hyper-V this year to make optimal use of the value and flexibility of the Microsoft virtualization platform. Given the desktop and application management efficiencies we’ve seen from layering, knowing Unidesk is available for Microsoft VDI made the decision to move to Hyper-V a lot easier,” said Chris Mertens, director of Information Technology, Hamilton County Government, Indiana.

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