Ultimate Software to power Republic Airways’ business intelligence

Infotech Lead America: Republic Airways has selected Ultimate Software, a cloud provider of people management solutions, for business intelligence.

Republic Airways Holdings owns Chautauqua Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Shuttle America.

Using UltiPro software, Republic Airways will generate analytics for decision-making and forecasting, automate critical communications and reports for compliance and audits, and make improvements to its overall HCM operations.

Republic Airways, which has 10,000 employees, needed visibility into their workforce as well as access to employee metrics for accurate insights on specific elements of the business.

Jon Clahan, manager of HR shared services at Republic Airways, said it used UltiPro to analyze turnover and employee demographics to make improvements to talent acquisition, re-evaluate its processes for performance management, and implement succession plans to avoid talent shortages.

In addition, UltiPro enabled the airline to identify employees who will be retiring and when they will retire. This allows Republic to ramp up hiring when needed.

The airline’s executives have dashboards in UltiPro to more easily and accurately monitor these kinds of trends.

Republic is using UltiPro to deliver dozens of reports used every day by stakeholders across the organization.

Republic is also using UltiPro to ensure compliance requirements by using numerous alerts that are set up through UltiPro’s reporting — triggering immediate notifications when an event occurs that could require closer scrutiny and validation.

UltiPro enabled the airline to automate communications with employees that occur during specific points of their tenure at Republic. Personalized letters and notes include information that is specific to an individual and is emailed automatically — eliminating any manual entry or manual intervention.

Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software, said: “Large companies — with complexities such as regulations, unions, employment contracts, multiple benefits plans, and multiple payrolls that occur almost every week — need constant visibility into their workforce, secure 24-7 access throughout the enterprise, and real-time delivery of the right information to the right people.”

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