Turtle Bay Resort Partners with Salesforce to Elevate Guest Experience with AI

Turtle Bay Resort, a luxury vacation destination situated on O’ahu’s famed North Shore, has selected Salesforce, the leading AI CRM platform, in a bid to enhance guest experiences and elevate service standards.
Salesforce technology for retailRobert Marusi, Chief Commercial Officer of Turtle Bay Resort, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “By leveraging Salesforce’s tools through Einstein 1 Platform, we are able to ensure that every guest receives a truly unforgettable experience unique to them.”

Jeff Amann, EVP & GM of Salesforce Industries, emphasized the importance of personalized experiences in today’s hospitality landscape, saying, “With the power of CRM, trusted AI, and data, we are helping Turtle Bay do just that, giving guests vacations they will not forget and converting them into life-long customers.”

Turtle Bay Resort faced challenges due to decreased travel in 2020. To reignite revenue streams and forge stronger customer relationships, the resort embarked on a journey of reinvention, leveraging Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform to connect with guests in innovative ways.

Utilizing Marketing Cloud, Turtle Bay Resort has enhanced its messaging strategy across web, email, and social platforms. Advanced segmentation, personalization, and journey optimization have led to a 40 percent uplift in engagement and triple-digit conversion growth.

With Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Data Cloud integrated into a unified platform, Turtle Bay aims to create comprehensive “Guest 360” profiles. This approach ensures seamless experiences from pre-booking to post-stay, fostering deeper connections with guests.

Leveraging Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform, Turtle Bay plans to further enhance guest experiences through AI-driven recommendations. Utilizing Data Cloud to segment customers into specific personas, an AI assistant will provide tailored suggestions, such as family-friendly activities for guests categorized as families.

With these initiatives, Turtle Bay Resort is poised to set new standards in guest satisfaction, leveraging the latest advancements in CRM, trusted AI, and data analytics to create unforgettable experiences for every visitor.

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