Torani Syrups uses more Salesforce solutions to support growth

salesforce-technologySalesforce, a CRM company, announced that Torani Syrups will be using more Salesforce solutions to support global growth and enhance B2B customer experience.

The US-based Salesforce said Torani is deploying Pardot marketing automation to align its sales and marketing teams, and create personalized engagement with its B2B customers across the nation.

San Francisco-based Torani is deploying Service Cloud to give its customer service agents a 360-degree view of customers in one unified desktop view.

Customer service agents will be able to deliver personalized customer service with the right information, such as order histories and details on every customer interaction across sales, service and marketing.

Torani is deploying Marketing Cloud to increase brand awareness and build relationships directly with consumers on social media. Marketing Cloud will enable Torani to respond to social posts, manage its community and provide customer support through its social media channels.

With one platform to manage social media conversations, Torani will be able to engage with customers in new and creative ways—for example, sharing recipes and ideas for using Torani products.

Sylvie Mwila-Jonah, head of IT at Torani Syrups, said: “Salesforce has proven value in terms of sales productivity and collaboration across our business. We are expanding across service and marketing to drive new levels of engagement with customers and consumers.”

Torani Syrups had earlier deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud to increase visibility across its business, and give its sales representatives tools to boost productivity and build customer relationships.

“Consumer goods companies are being pressured by both companies that sell their products and end-consumers to move beyond selling products to delivering personalized experiences and inspiring trust,” said Shelley Bransten, SVP, Retail and Consumer Goods, Salesforce.

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