Top IT companies to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in US

Global software major Oracle has invited some of the top minds from the world’s information technology industry under one roof in San Francisco, the U.S.

The annual Oracle OpenWorld 2015 conference, being held in San Francisco from October 25 to 29, will bring together Oracle customers, its partners and prospective clients — offering more than 2,500 educational sessions, key innovations and IT exhibitions.

The event will showcase applications, database, server and storage systems, industries, management, cloud and infrastructure solutions — all engineered for innovation.

“Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together — in the cloud and at data centres,” Shailender Kumar, managing director (Oracle India), told IANS.

By simplifying IT, Oracle enables its customers – 400,000 of them in more than 145 countries around the world – to accelerate innovation and create added value for them.

India has always been at the forefront for Oracle and its bouquet of innovations. With new initiatives like “Digital India” now in place, the thrust is going to get bigger.

Oracle is already working with 20 states across the country in different areas of payment and smart city initiatives.

In a latest media interview, Loïc Le Guisquet, Oracle’s executive vice president for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, was quoted as saying that Oracle has initiated a huge recruitment drive in India to expand its base as the demand for information technology is growing faster in India than other regions.

“Oracle OpenWorld 2015 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to share ideas and learn from the people who are creating and using the cloud – right now,” Kumar added.

Oracle has transformed the information technology marketplace with innumerable innovation – be it in engineered systems or cloud portfolio.

“No one has the breadth of solutions we offer in Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) to help leaders identify the right solution to their IT challenge. There will be a lot of new announcements in this space at OpenWorld 2015,” the Oracle official informed.

Along with OpenWorld, another prestigious annual conference titled JavaOne 2015 will offer a unique experience to stakeholders from the IT world.

The software platform Java today serves as the critical backbone of software solutions that touch both our professional and personal lives.

“JavaOne will bring together experts to discuss its evolution in the last 20 years. The event will offer a platform for programmers around the world to know how Oracle is steering the next phase of growth for Java,” Kumar stated.

Today, Java is the preferred programming language for nine million developers and powers seven billion devices globally.

“The next major update Java 9 is slated for launch in 2016. Oracle and the Java community are now focused on delivering new innovations to the new version,” the official informed.

The key planned feature of the new release is “Project Jigsaw” which aims to modularise the platform in order to make it scalable to a wider range of devices and improve security, maintainability and performance.

Nearly 60,000 people, including information technology and human resource executives, from about 145 countries attended OpenWorld conference last year. In addition, over seven million people tuned in to the event via webcasts.

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