Top 5 ways Google Play Billing benefits consumers

Google has explained top 5 ways Google Play Billing benefits consumers.
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#1 Better consumer information

Easy-to-understand purchase flow and receipts that explain, in a consistent format across all apps and games, what the user is purchasing, how much they’re paying for it (and any recurring charges, where relevant), and where to go for help with the purchase.

#2 Better customer support

Product, billing, customer, and refund support provided by Google regardless of the app or game where you made the purchase

#3 Better spending and budgeting controls

Monitor all purchases within Google Play. Google Play’s budget tools, which help you control your spending within apps and games by warning you when you get close to your budget. Ability to use Google Play family payment method across apps and games, letting family managers supervise and view purchases by family members

#4 Better security and safety

Secure payment method. No need to enter your credit card directly into an app’s buy flow. Password authentication. Ability to require password authentication for purchases with your payment method. Protection from subscription fraud. Due to the recurring nature of subscription payments, they’re an attractive target for bad actors, who use deceptive language in the purchase flow to obfuscate the true cost of the service or the recurring nature of the charge.

#5 Easy subscription cancellation

Bad actors also make it hard for users to cancel subscriptions. Play’s subscription center gives users an easy way to manage subscriptions. Reminders about free trials and recurring charges. Additionally, developers often do not send users reminders when free trials are ending or a receipt when a recurring charge is processed.

Google Play does this automatically, and even sends reminders for recurring charges with long periods such as annual subscriptions. Reminders to cancel a subscription when the app is uninstalled. Users sometimes think that uninstalling an app cancels the subscription, but it doesn’t (since many subscriptions can be used without the app). Google Play automatically notifies users who uninstall an app that they have an active subscription, with an easy link to cancel.

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