Top 10 IT trends for manufacturing industry in 2013

Infotech Lead Asia: IDC has shared top 10 IT trends for manufacturing industry in 2013.

“Looking ahead, successful companies will drive alignment between the service organization and IT to create a ‘digital thread’ that connects service to other enterprise functions for increased speed and accuracy of content delivery and decision making,” said Sheila Brennan, program manager, IDC Manufacturing Insights.”These companies will also define metrics that measure the improvement in service efficacy that this alignment delivers.”

The Top 10 Predictions for 2013 are:

Prediction 1 – Service Excellence Gets Better Seat at Corporate Strategy Table

Prediction 2 – Companies Leverage Smart Technologies for Service Excellence

Prediction 3 – Companies Recalibrate Maintenance Strategies

Prediction 4 – Design for Serviceability Practices are Adopted

Prediction 5 – Service Information Delivery Grows in Importance

Prediction 6 – Stale Warranty Initiative Returns Diminish; Transformative Action Will be Needed

Prediction 7 – OEM Service Organizations will Explore BPO Options

Prediction 8 – Automotive Industry Accelerates Investments in Telematics for Service

Prediction 9 – Opportunities will be Difficult to Realize in “Connected/Smart Vehicles”

Prediction 10 – Companies Begin to Adopt a Holistic Approach to Service

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