Top 10 IT predictions for CIOs in 2013: IDC





Infotech Lead India: IDC has come out with its top 10 predictions for CIOs in 2013. By 2016, LOB executives will be directly involved in 80 percent of new IT investments.

  • Prediction 1 – By 2016, LOB Executives Will Be Directly Involved in 80 percent of New IT Investments
  • Prediction 2 – By 2015, 90 percent of IT Investments Will Be Evaluated in Terms of Strategic Goals
  • Prediction 3 – CIOs and CFOs Will Move to “Zero Capital” and Transform the IT Financial Model
  • Prediction 4 – In 2013, CIOs Deliver 3rd Platform Mash-Ups as Competitive Differentiators
  • Prediction 5 – 70 percent of CIOs Will Embrace a “Cloud First” Strategy in 2016
  • Prediction 6 – By 2013, One Third of All New Application Development Will Target a Mobile Form Factor
  • Prediction 7 – Enterprise Social Networks Move Beyond Pilot Stage With Business Sponsorship
  • Prediction 8 – Big Data & Analytics Projects Will Be Like No Other IT Project
  • Prediction 9 – IT Talent Will Become the Biggest Barrier to Innovation
  • Prediction 10 – By 2018, 50 percent of Business Execs Will View the CIO as a Business Innovator

“Our 2013 Predictions for the CIO Agenda reflect the impact of the 3rd Platform Shift. Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data solutions are changing the Business/IT engagement models, and presenting CIOs with new opportunities to be seen as Business Innovators,” said David McNally, IT Executive Advisor at IDC.

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