TNT Express taps QlikView and saves 2,000 hours per year

Infotech Lead Asia: TNT Express, a provider of express delivery services, is using the QlikView Business Discovery platform, saving 2,000 hours per year as access to information has led to improved services and up-to-date information.

Besides improving its marketing and sales monitoring, TNT Express will use QlikView Business Discovery platform for simplifying its business through analyzing company and marketing data.

Recently, QlikView was used by two major organizations.

For example, Concrete products manufacturer Aggregate Industries has replaced Cognos with the QlikView Business Discovery platform to improve efficiency.

Moreover, TalkTalk, a UK broadband provider, is piloting QlikView Business Discovery platform for faster reporting and dashboards. The pilot will also enable TalkTalk to give employees the flexibility to better understand how to make the provisioning process faster for an improved customer experience.

QlikView’s new customer TNT Express provides a range of express services to businesses and consumers around the world. TNT Express has 120 operational sites throughout to offer its 52,000 customers a complete range of transportation services.  It handles 370,000 parcels per day and delivers in more than 200 countries.

In association with Keyrus, a QlikView partner, TNT Express France has reconciled billing data from various systems, each corresponding to the three lines of business (deliveries in France, international deliveries, and Special Services).

With users performing interactive analysis themselves, QlikView has minimized the time it takes in obtaining business critical information.  Today, the marketing department and regional sales managers are collaborating and performing interactive analysis to make better decisions in a more timely way.

“Sales managers and regional sales directors now have immediate intelligence on data so they can see trends and variances.  Users are led to ask themselves the good questions, and they have the tools to quickly get the answers,” said Herve Cohen, director of Marketing and Sustainable Development TNT France.

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