Thin client market share: HP leads in Q1

IDC has revealed the market share of key players in the thin client market globally. HP is the #1 player with 28.2 percent worldwide market share in the first quarter of 2013.

See the chart below for market share of HP’s competitors

IDC says thin client and terminal client device shipments totaled 1.2 million units in the first quarter of 2013, down 8.4 percent from the same quarter a year ago.

The IT market research agency says the market will recover over the remainder of the year with 5.6 million units forecast to be shipped in 2013, representing 7 percent year-over-year growth for the year.

By 2017, these devices are expected to reach 9.2 million units shipped worldwide.

Increasing adoption of cloud and virtualization are growth drivers. Growth is expected in all form factors, including mobile and with liquid crystal display (LCD), although standalone will still dominate.

The United States will continue to capture the majority of the market and is expected to grow, but the strongest growth will be in China. These two major markets will lead the shift towards virtualization in the commercial segment.

Thin Clients make up the vast majority (96 percent) of enterprise client devices.

The standalone form factor constitutes the largest segment of the overall market at 89 percent share. The mobile form factor is growing the fastest in Japan. Thin clients with LCD are dominant in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APeJ), the U.S., and Western Europe.

Thin Clients without operating systems (zero clients) hold 24 percent share among the thin client segment. Linux-based thin clients are slightly larger at 25 percent.

The worldwide enterprise client device market is highly concentrated, with the top five firms capturing more than 74 percent of the total market.


Worldwide Enterprise Client Device Unit Shipments, Market Share, and YoY Growth, First Quarter 2013

Vendors         1Q13 Unit
        1Q13 Market
        1Q12 Unit
        1Q12 Market
1. HP         332,415         28.2 percent         310,950         24.2 percent         6.9 percent
2. DellWyse         290,547         24.7 percent         398,929         31.0 percent         -27.2 percent
3. NComputing         134,199         11.4 percent         133,682         10.4 percent         0.4 percent
4. Centerm         78,238         6.6 percent         84,585         6.6 percent         -7.5 percent
5. Igel         46,265         3.9 percent         42,061         3.3 percent         10.0 percent
All Vendors         1,178,434         100 percent         1,285,828         100 percent         -8.4 percent

Source: IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker, 1Q 2013.

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