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TeamViewer 11
Enterprise software major TeamViewer today announced the 11th version of its software addressing the need of mobile working and supporting BYOD environments.

TeamViewer 11 provides a smart solution, which can be integrated into their business environment, for better user-experience. TeamViewer 11 works on Unattended Android devices, supports Chrome OS and headless Linux servers.
Up to 30 percent less data usage rates and file transfer up to 15 times faster than before are the main benefits of the new version.

TeamViewer is the first software vendor in the market to provide easy access to unattended Android devices such as point of sales (POS), ATMs, public displays, and vending machines. Unattended access is important for companies maintaining these devices because no staff has to be present to confirm the incoming connection.

Key security concerns such as data protection and privacy are guaranteed because the unattended access option will have to be granted initially by authorized staff.

TeamViewer 11 is the first professional remote support solution for Chrome OS by Google. Users can access their office or home computer or provide remote support via their Chromebook.

By connecting to the text console, TeamViewer 11 can be used to provide support for Linux servers without monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Supporters do not have to worry about setting up port forwarding, configuring SSH (secure shell), or having to install a graphics card. TeamViewer makes the connection to headless Linux servers easier than any other software maker in the market.

TeamViewer 11 runs on a multitude of operating systems — including the latest versions such as iOS 9, Android Marshmallow, Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan — and still fully supports older operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

TeamViewer 11 allows for browser based remote support or remote access providing a convenient alternative if users lack administrative rights to install TeamViewer.

TeamViewer 11 Beta is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and Chrome OS devices.

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