Tata Capital unveils AI-based online Chatbot 

Tata Capital has unveiled its Artificial Intelligence (AI) based online Chatbot that provides response to online queries around its financial services products.

The AI technology-based online Chatbot, which has cognitive learning capabilities, uses its natural language to handle over 70 percent of the routine customer queries including product information, application tracking and sales & after-sales service.

The online Chatbot powered by a virtual agent (VA) engine represents a huge step forward by Tata Capital towards digitizing the customer journey.

The Chatbot will reduce the dependency on traditional customer servicing platforms, and enable a better customer experience. The Chatbot’s evolving data insights will also help Tata Capital track & measure customer queries, sentiments, satisfaction and more and will help Tata Capital devise a more customer-centric strategy.

“Chatbot will help reduce response time and provide 24×7 support to potential customers. It has the ability to self-learn and become smarter through frequent customer interactions,” said Veetika Deoras, COO – Digital Vertical at Tata Capital.

Since its launch in October 2016, the Tata Capital Chatbot has responded to over 55,000 queries from website visitors. Currently, the Chatbot services Tata Capital’s retail products including Personal Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans and Two Wheeler Loans.