Tally looks for business from e-Way Bill

Tally.ERP9 release 6.4
Tally Solutions said the company’s ERP 9 Release 6.4 offers an effective solution for the e-Way Bill.

e-Way Bill, which will be effective from April 1, 2018, will prompt businesses to record sales invoices, and generate the e-Way Bill. Invoice generation and dispatching of goods will have to take place simultaneously.

Tally aims to cash in on from the implementation of e-Way Bill that will be critical for businesses to adopt an ERP solution for assisting in generating and managing e-Way Bills, and facilitating recording and maintenance of accurate invoices. Tally supports more than 1.3 million businesses.

The Indian software company said Tally. ERP 9 allows businesses to capture mandatory details for generating e-Way Bill in the e-Way Bill portal. These details are not required to be entered in the portal again, reducing time consuming repetitive tasks. At the time of saving the invoice, the user can choose to generate a JSON/Excel of the invoice which has to be uploaded on the e-way portal for generating e-Way Bill with EBN.

To generate e-Way Bills, businesses will need to upload invoice data in JSON. The software gives flexibility to businesses to generate JSON for a single invoice, or a single JSON for multiple invoices, to reduce operational effort. This will help generate multiple e-Way Bills from a single JSON.

With Tally.ERP 9, businesses can generate JSON in situations when they wish to get e-Way Bills generated for their purchases, or for purchases made from unregistered dealers.

Once e-Way Bills are generated for individual invoices, the user can group invoices with their e-Way Bills as per mode of transport, vehicle nos., place of supply or State, and generate a consolidated e-Way Bill on the portal, to make transporter’s life simple.

Tejas Goenka, executive director, Tally Solutions, said: “We have also extended a solution to businesses who have registered under the composition scheme, who can now generate bill of supply and file GSTR-4 with ease.”

Tally. ERP 9 Release 6.4 will enable businesses registered under the composition scheme to become GST compliant. Tally enables businesses to generate Bills of Supply for their sales. Businesses can export GSTR4 in JSON and upload it to the GST portal. The product is priced at INR 18,000+GST for a single user edition and INR 54,000+GST for a multi-user edition, the same as earlier.

The latest version of GST-ready Tally is available for purchase at EMIs. Business can buy the single user edition with a down payment of INR 5,287, and the remaining amount can be paid in equal monthly installments over 7 months.

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