SQL Server 2014 with OLTP improves business at Progressive Insurance

Microsoft reveals that Progressive Insurance, an early adopter of SQL Server 2014, has achieved significant performance growth after implementing SQL Server 2014 to improve customer service experience.

Progressive Insurance leveraged the in-memory Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) capability of SQL Server 2014 to improve its policy-serving web app.  With OLTP, the company can host online transaction processing tablets and databases in a server’s working memory.

In the updated app, Progressive wanted to add its Special Lines business such as insuring motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, and even Segway electric scooters.

To update the policy-serving app, the company modified eight natively compiled stored procedures, using already-documented code. In those tests, In-Memory OLTP boosted the processing rate from 5,000 transactions per second to 21,000—a 320 percent increase.

Following the update, the session-state database performance proved four times as fast with SQL Server 2014, said Craig Lanford, IT manager at Progressive.

Lanford added, “Our IT leadership team gave us the numbers we had to meet to support the increased database workload, and we far exceeded those numbers using Microsoft In-Memory OLTP.”

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