Southwest Airlines deploys Aspect Software customer contact solutions

Southwest Airlines will implement Aspect Software customer contact and workforce optimization solutions to better customer service experience.

“This implementation is a huge, but necessary undertaking as part of our ultimate goal of offering a best-in-class customer experience both from an airline operations and contact center perspective,” says Teresa Laraba, senior vice president for Customers at Southwest Airlines.

Aspect Software

For more than 10 years, Aspect system is powering calls to 1-800-I-Fly-SWA.

As Southwest’s legacy ACD provider since 2001, Southwest chose Aspect over other vendors to overhaul its contact center operations.

The Aspect implementation process is already underway, with the first system set to go-live in the first quarter of 2014.

“To partner with Southwest Airlines, an organization that has long been recognized as an excellent provider of service to its customers and help them continue their vision of providing a superior customer experience is a real honor,” says Aspect CEO Stew Bloom.

Aspect CEO Stew Bloom.

The airline will be implementing products such as Unified IP 7.2, Workforce Management 7.5, Quality Management, Performance Management, Speech Analytics and Interactive Tiles.

Aspect says Unified IP 7.2 powers Aspect’s unified communications applications for customer contact and allows companies to address consumers increasing desire to interact on their own terms on a multitude of communication platforms.

According to Aspect, Workforce Management 7.5 helps companies improve the customer experience by creating a better and more streamlined work environment for contact center agents and better control over interaction outcomes for supervisors.

Quality Management provides mission-critical, full-time voice and screen recording, and quality management as well as the tools required to measure consumer sentiment, Aspect said.

Aspect claims that Performance Management delivers targeted KPI dashboards that align front-line personnel with both operational and strategic goals, while automatically coaching employees who are underperforming.

In addition, Speech Analytics allows contact centers to quickly extract deep and meaningful business intelligence directly from recorded voice interactions for a well-rounded understanding of customer intent and experience.

Interactive Tiles empowers contact center agents by giving them greater visibility to individual metrics, intraday task changes and schedule management.

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