SolveIT software signs demand chain simulation contract with Roy Hill Iron Ore

Infotech Lead Australia: SolveIT Software, a provider of enterprise software for supply & demand optimization and predictive modeling, has signed contract with Roy Hill Iron Ore (RHIO) for the provision of demand chain simulation services. SolveIT Software’s APS and SCNO applications will be configured for simulating the Roy Hill operations and associated outbound supply chain, including mine, rail and port.

The integrated application suite and consulting services from SolveIT generate simulations under a range of assumptions. The process confirms feasibility and throughput projections over the early and aggressive ramp-up periods for the demand chain.

“We selected SolveIT Software for simulation of the Roy Hill Iron Ore demand chain as they are experienced in optimizing complex and dynamic logistics processes and have proven capability in multi-objective, non-linear model creation for global leading mining value chains,” said Mr Mike Lomman, general manager, Demand Chain for Roy Hill.

“We see Roy Hill Iron Ore as a critical partner and organization founded on similar principles to SolveIT Software, capturing local and world-leading innovation and applying it in exciting ways to improve strategic and operational decision making,” said James Balzary, director of Natural Resources for SolveIT Software. “Adding value to an organization early in its lifecycle and ensuring that the technology used transitions from feasibility through to operations is a key strategy of SolveIT Software,” Balzary added.

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