SolarWinds offers free network management software

Infotech Lead America: SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, is offering IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to get a free copy of its SolarWinds Standard Toolset for a limited time.
The SolarWinds Standard Toolset is a collection of network discovery and troubleshooting tools that enable engineers to diagnose problems and manage SME networks.
The toolset helps professionals to diagnose network issues and critical points, collect essential data such as CPU and memory consumption, analyze network performance data and maintain networks.
The SolarWinds free tools provide an opportunity for engineers in Australia and New Zealand to work around the issues related to shrinking IT budgets. The Standard Toolset normally costs AUD280. IT professionals can register with SolarWinds  to download a free copy of the software.
According to a recent NetAdmin survey of 312 Australia-based IT Professionals conducted in October 2012 by SolarWinds, 73 percent of Network Admins spend time on monitoring and/or operating a computer system and/or the network. 69 percent of Network Admins responded that their IT budgets will decrease or remain the same as 2012 this year.
According to 28 percent of Network Admins, the software used to manage IT systems is more expensive and 45 percent felt that budget constraints are among the top three frustrations of their role.
The SolarWinds user community of over 150,000 IT professionals designed a robust product portfolio based on feedback from the thwack forum. The portfolio includes network management solutions, server and application management, dozens of free tools for IT management and a free Alert Management product.
Solarwinds reported a fourth-quarter profit of $22.2 million and revenue of $73.5 million and a profit of $81.3 million and revenue of $268.9 million for the full year.

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