SolarWinds integrates anti threat feeds, log collection

SolarWinds, a hybrid IT infrastructure management software provider, has introduced the addition of a threat intelligence feed to SolarWinds Log and Event Manager, specially designed for resource-constrained IT organizations.

This new add-on provides threat intelligence data and automatically tags events to ensure that suspicious activity can be identified by simply running a report or search, said SolarWinds in a statement.

“In a new security reality where most security IT pros have to assume the worst — a breach has already occurred — it is imperative to have constant visibility into known threats in order to quickly detect security issues and limit the loss associated with a data breach,” said  Nikki  Jennings, group vice president, product strategy, SolarWinds.

“With added threat intelligence, SolarWinds Log & Event Manager now enables IT security pros to take immediate action if a threat is detected and proactively monitor for additional vulnerabilities in their environment,” Jennings added.

SolarWinds claimed that Log & Event Manager will simplify the task of security management, root cause analysis, incident response and continuous compliance, assisting IT security pros in the identification and remediation of threats and vital network issues — before critical systems and data can be exploited.

The  updated version automatically update log normalization templates to allow to support the most current vendors and devices, and also compare all traffic monitored by SolarWinds Log & Event Manager against data from a regularly updated threat feed to identify malicious activity.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager is developed, keeping an aim to quickly identify suspicious activity and pinpoint potential security issues, including malware infections, Phishing attempts and external attacks from hosts.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager pricing starts at $4,495 and includes the first year of maintenance.

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