Software AG signs IT deal with British Army

British Army, as part of its digital strategy, has selected Germany-based IT services provider Software AG to ensure improvement in sharing of critical information to prepare its forces for operations.
Software AG headquarterBritish Army has a number of legacy technologies, with information siloed different systems and databases contracted to System Integrators. This can lead to long delays in gaining access to data and making changes to the application functionality.

British Army will invest in Software AG’s Application Programme Interface Management platform to enable governance, monitoring, securing and support of the APIs. British Army will also use a technical solution to integrate with large defence applications to expose reference data and services.

Software AG will create an API management platform that will connect systems and data and enable integration with legacy systems.

British Army will use two key technologies: Software AG’s webMethods integration platform and CentraSite, the API catalogue and services registry.

The use of Software AG’s API Management capability will enable a range of services across boundaries, drawing information from numerous systems to support a range of functions from HR, equipment availability, operational readiness, payment of Reserves and trialling Remote Processing Automation on legacy systems.

The benefits for the Army’s API first strategy include increased interoperability with access to data and services that have been thus far not possible, increased organisational agility and return of investment on provided services.

“Without effective data and services, it’s difficult for planners to understand our forces’ state of readiness, or to create much-needed services for our soldiers; this is where the Software AG API suite is adding real value,” said Dorian Seabrook, head of Operations at Army Software House.

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