Software AG employees dip to 5,375 in June, 2013 from 5,419 in December 2012

Employees of Software AG reduced to 5,375 in June, 2013 from 5,419 in December 2012.

Out of this, Software AG’s employees in sales and marketing increased to 1,229 from 1,131. Its research and development team also increased to 941 from 887. Employees in Germany increased marginally to 1,777 from 1,768.

Software AG on Thursday said it is anticipating 16 to 22 percent growth in BPE revenue for fiscal year 2013. Revenue in the traditional ETS database business will fall by 4 to 9 percent.

As for the rest of the fiscal year, the company is optimistic due to the positive start to the third quarter, and it confirms its full-year forecast for 2013, despite an increasingly uncertain market environment in some countries.

Meanwhile, Software AG has bagged a $17 million order from the U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) to provide webMethods and ARIS Business Process Management (BPM) technology across two mission critical programs.

In the second quarter of 2013, Software AG’s product revenue (license + maintenance) for the Business Process Excellence (BPE) business line held steady. Product revenue of Enterprise Transaction Services (ETS) business line rose 2 percent.

While the ETS database business received customer orders relatively early in the year, a major BPE license agreement was concluded shortly after quarter’s end.

Investment in organic growth for BPE led to a significant expansion of the sales pipeline.

The Business Process Excellence (BPE) business line made the greatest contribution to Group revenue. The revenue of €91.4 million (2012: €93.8 million) approximated the previous year’s level.

The Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS) database business achieved revenues of €75.8 million (2012: €77.9 million) in the second quarter.

The Consulting business line, which comprises BPE, ETS, and IDS Scheer Consulting services since the beginning of the year, recorded revenues of €70.5 million (2012: €86.9 million).

Software AG’s total revenues in the previous quarter amounted to €237.7 million (2012: €258.6 million). License revenue at the Group level totaled €75.8 million (2012: €76.0 million).

Overall, product revenue reached €169.1 million (2012: €175.5 million) and contributed about 71 percent (2012: 68 percent) of total Group revenue, further improving revenue distribution towards the high-margin license and maintenance revenues that drive growth.

Net profit after taxes amounted to €28.8 million (2012: €37.5 million).

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