SoftBank uses Red Hat’s open source technologies to implement DevOps

Red Hat for business technologySoftBank will use Red Hat’s open source technologies to implement DevOps methodology for its Service Platform Division, IT Service Development Division, Information Technology Unit, and Technology Unit, the company’s in-house IT organization.

Red Hat’s open source technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, as well as the knowledge of Red Hat Consulting will support SoftBank to faster application deployment times and the ability to readily address end user needs.

SoftBank’s IT systems for internal work and operations support nearly 600 diverse systems. DevOps using emerging technologies and updated IT processes will eliminate technical barriers between development and IT operations teams.

As part of SoftBank’s Global IT Platform Strategy concept, its overseas divisions can use its systems based in Japan. SoftBank also sought to reduce its IT operating costs by half and double developer productivity as part of delivering the unified platform by the end of 2018.

SoftBank expanded the number of teams using DevOps from one to six and established an internal task force, ARK Agile Labo, to promote DevOps and agile development. SoftBank currently plans to shift 50 percent of the systems developed and operated by the Platform Control Division to DevOps by the end of SoftBank’s FY2018.

“Our test project and resulting rollout of DevOps methodology has had a significant impact on our ability to develop new systems to support SoftBank’s diverse lines of business,” said Toyofumi Yamashita, general manager, Platform Development Department, Platform Control, IT Headquarters, Technology Unit IT Control, SoftBank.

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