Sidra Medical taps Amcom’s emergency notification and call center solutions

Infotech Lead America: Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar has selected Amcom’s emergency notification and call center solutions.

Sidra Medical and Research Center, which will initially have around 400 beds with infrastructure to enable expansion to 550 beds in a subsequent phase, will use Amcom’s solutions to handle critical communications for both the main facility and a separate disaster recovery location.

Amcom Software, a subsidiary of USA Mobility, said hundreds of hospitals globally rely on Amcom to support the core of their communications. The company helps operators process calls, record conversations for improvements, and coordinate emergency responders for code calls (such as code STEMI).

“Sidra’s vision of being one of the most technologically advanced medical research centers in the world has taken another step forward as we begin our cooperation with Amcom, which will provide us with tools to ensure a truly patient-centered environment. We are excited to begin our relationship with Amcom,” said Paul Casterton, Sidra’s IT Development Project Director.

Colin Balmforth, president, Amcom Software, said: “The selection of Amcom underscores both the quality and reliability of our solutions, used at the best hospitals in the U.S. and abroad. It also provides further evidence of strong demand throughout the Middle East for our solutions. The team at our Dubai office will support the installation and work closely with Sidra staff as they implement the project.”

Sidra will be funded by a $7.9 billion endowment from Qatar Foundation.

Amcom provides critical smartphone communications, contact center optimization, emergency management, and clinical workflow improvement.

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