Shazam enhances RoI thanks to Salesforce Einstein Analytics

A Salesforce case study said that Shazam has achieved download of more than 1 billion times and usage of more than 20 million times each day across 190 countries following the deployment of Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Einstein Analytics from Salesforce enabled Shazam to improve the quality of data from its user base, targeted more granular customer segments and reduced requests for reports from its core analytics team.

Shazam has achieved 752 percent return on investment (ROI) with its Einstein Analytics deployment in more than six weeks, according to a study by Nucleus Research.

Salesforce said Shazam also deployed Einstein Analytics without employing external consultants saving on some investment. The deployment provides an average annual benefit of $246,896 due to increased productivity and time saved.

Shazam previously relied on spreadsheets for internal reporting and managing sales to advertisers. This meant the organization lacked a single source of truth, with siloed data from various geographies scattered across multiple spreadsheets. Its analytics team faced a backlog of time-consuming requests for reports from executives and sales teams.

Shazam’s chief revenue officer is now able to get a daily pulse on where the company stands, what opportunities are open and closed and where teams should be focusing their efforts. Business users now have a self-service, easy to use dashboard to surface actionable insights on their own, and analysts can now spend more time performing complex analysis on the data and trends instead of manually pulling and compiling the data for weekly reports.

Analysts now have 15 percent of their time back—time that was previously spent cleaning data—which can now be spent on tasks better suited to their advanced skills. Beyond productivity, Einstein Analytics helps Shazam identify more granular patterns across customers, allowing sales teams to more accurately target their customer base.

“With Einstein Analytics, we’ve replaced manual, weekly reports that were sent out to leadership teams with dynamic, self-serve dashboards that are available whenever and wherever our employees are working,” said Pete Miles, vice president of advertising operations, Shazam.

Ketan Karkhanis, GM of Salesforce Analytics, said Shazam has made analytics a front office imperative and not a back office function.

“Nucleus found that Salesforce Einstein Analytics helped increase productivity for the chief revenue officer (CRO), the sales VPs, and the analytics team. In addition, the deployment helped Shazam maintain clean data for improved customer segmentation and effective sales efforts,” said Barbara Peck, principal analyst, Nucleus Research.

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