Server load balancers provider KEMP Technologies to expand in India

Infotech Lead Asia: KEMP Technologies, a provider of server load balancers and application delivery controllers, is expanding in India.

The company has formed KEMP Technologies in Singapore to serve as the company’s headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ray Downes, president of KEMP Technologies

Norbert Kiss, general manager and sales director for the region, will look after the region. KEMP has assembled a team of technical and sales personnel in Singapore and will be adding additional staff in early 2013.

“Initially we will be expanding our operations in Australia and India and some selected southeastern Asian markets. We have people on the ground in India already and are establishing our presence in Australia now. Our country head in India has already actively recruited the first of our partners,” said Norbert Kiss.

KEMP will sell hardware and virtual LoadMaster appliances through a two-tier distribution channel throughout Asia Pacific. KEMP is recruiting qualified VARs that offer expertise and a range of customers.

KEMP claims that the LoadMaster family of products offers low-cost, high-performance, feature-rich solutions that provide optimal throughput. KEMP’s load balancing products optimize web infrastructure by delivering high-availability, flexible scaling, ease of management and enhanced security.

“Because I came from an Internet security background, I see a great need for load balancing for every network implementation. There is great opportunity in Asia Pacific for KEMP and we expect the region to contribute significantly to KEMP’s overall business in the near future. Moreover, Singapore offers a superb business environment with ample shipping, banking and legal infrastructure,” Kiss added.

“We look forward to building on KEMP’s existing customer base in Asia Pacific as mid-tier enterprise customers increasingly move to cloud-based and web-based applications that demand the accessibility and performance which the KEMP LoadMaster family of products provide,” said Ray Downes, president of KEMP Technologies.

“With Norbert’s expertise and long standing regional relationships, KEMP will be well-positioned to duplicate in Asia Pacific what it has accomplished in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa,” Downes added.

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