SAVO Group adds new features to sales enablement software

Infotech Lead America: SAVO Group has added new features to SAVO Mobile, its sales enablement software.


Sales organizations which have apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry and Kindle Fire devices can close deals with access to relevant content, sales coaching, subject matter experts and sales best practices.


“SAVO allows our account managers to be more effective by ensuring they have instant access to product information for our customers. Regardless if they are in a hospital or on the road, it enhances the ROI of our tablet investment by helping to improve customer service,” said Jeff Gorton, associate director of marketing for the Medical division of Stryker, a medical technology company.


“With this new mobile solution, SAVO provides an even more dynamic solution for our account managers to continue serving and educating our customers with increased efficiency and speed,” Gorton added.


SAVO’s software powers revenue initiatives and execution by connecting sales teams with situation-specific collateral, competitive intelligence and subject matter expertise with or without Wi-Fi connectivity.


With the iPad, sales teams can also connect to a projector and give dynamic presentations right from their tablet.


According to a recent SAVO poll of 135 respondents, two-thirds of companies are using video to coach sales people or tell prospects about new products. SAVO Mobile offers full multimedia streaming with an adaptive bit rate transcoder to select the best stream based on the users Internet connection.


Packets of new information for campaigns, product launches, and other initiatives are pushed by the marketing team to the sales team to minimize the time spent looking for new information. Additionally, updates to existing asset kits are also pushed to sales reps to ensure the newest and most relevant information is at the sellers’ finger tips.


“Simply having access to anything and everything on a mobile device is not going to make your sellers more successful. By situationally pushing the right assets, information and subject matter experts, mapped to your sales process, SAVO Mobile drives higher levels of sales performance,” said Dan Schleifer, senior director of marketing at SAVO.


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