SAS ups market share to 35.2% in 2011 from 34.8% in 2010 in advanced analytics segment

Infotech Lead America: SAS, a provider of business analytics software and services, has increased its market share to 35.2% in 2011 from 34.8% in 2010 in advanced analytics segment


IDC said by a large margin, more enterprises worldwide rely on SAS advanced analytics than any other brand.

The growth is more than the entire share for the other remaining advanced analytic vendors named in the report.

IDC has ranked SAS as one of the top five providers in numerous business analytics categories such as business intelligence tools, data warehouse platforms, performance management applications, end-user query/reporting tools, data warehouse generation software and supply chain analytics.

The analytics software market grew by 14.1 per cent in 2011 and forecasts a 9.8 per cent CAGR through 2016.

“For many years, organizations viewed information technology as a cost center. That perception is rapidly changing as corporate leaders realize the benefits of analytics. Enterprises increasingly understand that analytic insights can make IT a business driver that boosts the bottom line,” said Jim Davis, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, SAS.

Hewlett Packard (HP) utilizes SAS Analytics to analyze both its structured and unstructured data.

“The analysis of public data helps us proactively address product requirements and even anticipate service issues in our call centers. Customer satisfaction on existing products in the field is increased, but we can also fine-tune the next generation of the product to increase sales. That’s just one of the many ways we employ SAS Analytics to improve the business,” said Prasanna Dhore, HP Vice President of Global Customer Intelligence.

“We remain proud of the fact that leading organizations like HP have placed their trust and confidence in SAS to help them move forward in the markets they operate in. The recent IDC report further consolidates this growing preference for SAS High Performance Analytics by enterprises from around the globe. Rest assured that we will continue to remain steadfast in providing our users with innovative analytics that can address the challenge of pulling business insight from Big Data,” said Shukri Dabaghi, general manager, SAS Middle East.

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