SAS unveils latest SAS Master Data Management and SAS Federation Server

SAS has announced the availability of its latest SAS Master Data Management (MDM) and SAS Federation Server software that enables organizations gain more insight from their data through better access and management of user data from any source.

The latest version of SAS MDM features embedded data quality to ensure clean and accurate data; improved usability to drive business user engagement; and pervasive data governance to improve collaboration between business and IT.

The software helps organizations implement MDM in a phased approach, delivering business value while using existing software to reduce integration costs, SAS said.

Invacare, one of the customers of SAS MDM, uses the software to support its global MDM efforts.

Before SAS MDM, Invacare found data on identical products duplicated in different ERP systems and classified using different terminology. The resulting confusion led to time-consuming, redundant analysis.

sas-logoWith SAS MDM, Invacare is now creating master product and supplier data hubs by integrating disparate product data from 25 ERP systems, said Greg Rossiter, director of Global Business Information and Data Management for Invacare. “We’re able to perform de-duplication and data classification – and enhance the data around our vast product set.”

SAS MDM now includes features such as enhanced data governance with workflow-based remediation; user interface customization via “MDM Tools” and deep linking; and improved multi-domain hierarchy support that visually shows relationships among business entities for improved usability.

SAS has also unveiled SAS Federation Server offering anytime anywhere access to data. The data-as-a-service through SAS Federation Server, shipping this quarter, features big data  virtualization, providing access to Hadoop, SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2, and other data sources, creating visual representations without physically moving data.

SAS has also beefed up security, data masking and data governance within SAS Federation Server to ensure proper policies, access and restrictions for sensitive data, SAS said.

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