SAS posts $3.02 billion revenue in 2013

Business analytics vendor SAS posted $3.02 billion revenue in 2013.

SAS said business intelligence revenue grew because of demand for SAS Visual Analytics.

Revenue growth was double-digit for cloud solutions.

Organizations looking to stop fraud fuelled a 44 percent jump in sales of fraud prevention and security intelligence solutions.

Revenue from cloud-based offerings, SAS Solutions On Demand, rose 20 percent as pharmaceutical companies prepared for an onslaught of new regulations, businesses sought to understand customer preferences and state and local governments worked to stamp out fraud.


Revenue from all industries grew, including an 18 percent increase in the energy and utilities sector, 17 percent in health care and 16 percent in capital markets.

SAS invested 25 percent of its 2013 revenue on research and development.


SAS leads in analytics (per IDC and Forrester) and intends to stay out front, analytics and other solutions that help organizations of all sizes – from global enterprises to SMBs (small to medium businesses) – conduct analyses with ease.

More and more companies are adopting the open-source Hadoop framework for data storage and processing. SAS works closely with partners and customers to help data scientists, business analysts and executives transform big data into knowledge and bottom-line results.

SAS Visual Analytics licensed by more than 1,400 sites worldwide, will gain new functionality in the months ahead.

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said the company will focus on industry-specific solutions, which address the unique needs of banks, insurers, retailers, government agencies, manufacturers, energy companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, telcos, hotels and more.

In 2014, SAS will roll out new and improved solutions to address crucial business needs, from forecasting power demand, optimizing retail channels and managing risk to detecting and preventing fraud, retaining customers, and addressing customer omnichannels and digital marketing needs.

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