SAS drives car insurer ingenie to enhance telematics data usage

Infotech Lead America: Business analytics provider SAS says ingenie, a car insurer for young drivers, has selected SAS to enhance its use of telematics data.

SAS Office Analytics enables ingenie to benefit from behavior-based pricing and marketing programs to its customers as it analyzes data on driving behaviors and patterns to improve customer pricing accuracy and insurance premiums.

SAS says drivers can lower their insurance premiums by installing an ingenie telematics box into their car which monitors driving behavior. The box collects real-time data on numerous elements including acceleration, speed, braking and cornering.

The data is analyzed to build up a picture of someone’s ‘driving DNA’. It means rewards for safe driving by lowering premiums while penalizing reckless driving by higher premiums, ultimately encouraging young people to drive safely.

Richard King, founder and CEO at ingenie. “The way to help prevent crashes is to make sure young drivers have the right attitude behind the wheel. That’s why we give our customers personal feedback to improve their driving, and reward the safest drivers with quarterly discounts.”

Ingenie says its telematics box collects up to 25 times more data than traditional telematics devices.

SAS enables ingenie to increase awareness of telematics and the use of analytics to promote cheaper insurance premiums, and encourage safer driving among young people.

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