SAP unveils solution to analyze market trends from social networking sites

Infotech Lead Europe: SAP has unveiled a new solution to help organizations gain real-time insights into market trends and customer sentiment.

Companies can adopt the rapid-deployment solution in less than six weeks to use up-to-the-minute customer data for more effective business strategies and decision-making.

The new solution will benefit enterprises as Gartner forecast that more than 80 percent of the data in the world today exists in unstructured form and is expected to double every three months.

Gartner said enterprises must extract insights from this data by equipping business analysts and decision-makers with access to analysis of blogs, social media sources, emails and other communications.

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA assists users to analyze customer sentiment from social networking sites, communities, wikis, blogs and other sources, and combines the information with customer relationship management (CRM) text data.

Users can evaluate customers’ insights through easy-to-read views on their mobile devices, tablets or desktops, enabling them to take immediate action. This is the latest offering from SAP to help customers quickly adopt effective big data analytics solutions.

“Mining unstructured data can provide a direct path to understanding how customers are responding to products, brands and overall company values,” said Shawn Rogers, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates.

“The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA allows chief marketing officers to dip their toes into big data with a project that rapidly results in business value,” said Steve Lucas, global executive vice president and general manager, Database & Technology, SAP.

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA loads text data from Twitter, Facebook, the SAP StreamWork application and any other Web channel with a publicly available API.

“By using the SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA, companies can have a comprehensive view of business-relevant data of all types across employees, customers, partners and suppliers to support business decisions and strategy,” said Steven Birdsall, senior vice president and general manager, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions.


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