SAP set to acquire WalkMe for $1.5 billion

Software firm SAP is set to acquire WalkMe, a Saas company headquartered in Tel Aviv, in a cash deal valued at $1.5 billion.
sap-hana-erp-for-enterprisesBoards of SAP and WalkMe have approved the transaction for $14 per share, a premium of 45 percent on WalkMe’s last closing price.

The acquisition, subject to customary closing conditions, amounts to a total value of around $1.5 billion and is expected to close in this year’s third quarter.

WalkMe’s solutions help organizations navigate constant technology change by providing users with advanced guidance and automation features that enable them to execute workflows seamlessly across any number of applications.

WalkMe helps organizations boost enterprise productivity and lower risk by enabling efficient use of software and the workflows it enables. Its digital adoption platforms (DAPs) works on top of an organization’s application landscape, detects where people encounter friction and provides the tailored support and automation they need to complete the job to be done, right in the flow of work, across any application.

WalkMe will launch the WalkMeX copilot, which will use WalkMe’s contextual awareness and AI to suggest the best next step for any workflow. WalkMeX has the capability to always be on, serving as an overlay to any application, including copilots from different vendors that companies use in their landscapes.

Integrating the strength of WalkMe’s adoption capabilities with SAP’s copilot Joule will boost AI assistant and productivity gains for all SAP customers. Additionally, integrating distinctive e-learning features in the SAP Enable Now solution with WalkMe will form the center of SAP’s people-centric transformation approach going forward.

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