SAP launches new version of HANA platform for enterprises

SAP HANA IndiaBusiness software major SAP today announced the launch of the new version of SAP HANA platform for enterprises.

The German IT maker claims that the latest release of SAP HANA software is reliable and comes with data-center scale features, including hybrid data management service in the cloud, maintenance strategy and a new offering for SMEs.

Main features of SAP HANA

SAP says graph data processing feature allows organizations to visualize data connections to understand complex relationships between people, places and things. This helps companies address issues such as detecting fraud or uncover new business opportunities through greater market intelligence.

Capture and replay feature helps IT capture live workloads and replay them on a target system. This enables IT to evaluate new features, assess upgrade options and measure impact before making changes to the live production system. Administrators can explore technology innovation with less downtime and cost.

The latest offering of SAP HANA delivers an expanded maintenance lifecycle program. This gives IT organizations a choice between consistent maintenance of their SAP HANA software environment for up to three years or adopting the latest SAP HANA platform innovations twice a year.

“SAP HANA platform has become a proven mainstay data management solution, supporting the full range of analytic and transactional software from SAP, both in the data center and in the cloud,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Application Development and Deployment, IDC.

SAP also announced beta program that helps customers get hands-on access to hybrid data management services in the cloud. The hybrid model offers lower total cost of ownership by requiring less hardware infrastructure and rapid integration across cloud and on-premise deployments.

SAP also released an advanced version of SAP HANA, Edge edition, at a low-entry price point for SMEs. The latest edition supports 32 GB database and 128 GB of dynamic tiering, enabling IT personnel to manage data as it grows by moving from in-memory to lower-cost storage.

“We’re transforming our data center supply chain to smoothly integrate an acquired business, while fully leveraging the global scale, efficiency and agility of Lenovo’s overall operations,” said Qingtong Zhou, senior vice president and CIO, Lenovo.

Performance Solutions, a client of SAP, aims to provide the best care to patients, while controlling costs, by becoming a data-driven business.

Curtis Dudley, vice president of Performance Solutions, Mercy, said: “With SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, we were able to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data to save $9 million in supply costs and improve operating room block utilization by 12 percent, while improving the outcome of procedures and patient experience.”

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