SAP launches CRM solution for citizen contact center

Infotech Lead India: SAP announced the release of the SAP CRM solution for citizen contact center.

Available as part of SAP Urban Matters program, the solution helps accelerate the implementation of a government multi-channel contact center, enabling governments to provide services and information to citizens in a consistent manner.

The solution also allows governments to more efficiently manage and monitor their organizations and operations.

The SAP CRM solution includes software, pre-configured content and pre-defined services tailored for government multi-channel contact centers. The solution supports phone, email, online and chat channels.

Governments will benefit as the solution is delivered with low upfront cost thanks to fixed-price and timeframe implementation services that mitigate financial risk and uncertainty. As a result of pre-configuration and the rapid-deployment methodology, governments can deploy in less than 12 weeks.

“The rapid deployment of citizen contact center with CRM enables our customers to quickly benefit from superior functionality combined with industry best practices. The solution can be deployed quickly for a fixed cost, helping them achieve quick results while minimizing the risks typically associated with a new software project,” said Jens Romaus, senior vice president and global head, Public Services Industry Solutions, SAP.

The SAP Urban Matters program focuses on helping urban governments improve the lives of citizens. The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for citizen contact center enables governments to increase engagement with citizens, improve efficiency, deliver better services, address social inclusion and become more open.

“The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for citizen contact center helps to unlock hidden efficiencies and resources through a proven and predictable solution that will deliver benefits in weeks. This modular approach opens a path to ongoing improvements, extending the functionality into new service channels, such as social or mobile, or new business needs, such as analytics,” said Steven Birdsall, senior vice president and general manager, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions.

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