SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud offers $16 mn new revenue and 307% increase in RoI

SAP IndiaEnterprises using SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions reported $15.9 million increase in net-new revenue and 307 percent increase in ROI, according to a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by SAP Hybris.

SAP said the higher return on investment (ROI) to enterprises after deploying SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions is due to centralized data and improved buyer experience.

The study, The Total Economic Impact of SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B, analyzed qualitative and financial information from a portion of the thousands of customers who run their Web sites with SAP Hybris solutions.

“SAP Hybris Commerce is analogous to what Amazon Web Services (AWS) has done for the B2C market,” a study respondent said.

Customers such as Office Depot Europe and Lids Sports Group and organizations all over the world – in retail, travel, telco, professional services, public sector and finance – rely on SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions to build shopping experience.

Organization using SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions over three years can

# Drive an additional 50 percent of revenue digitally. Online channels result in fewer order errors and easily connect to back-end databases to ensure a seamless experience

# 67 percent of respondents reported an improved customer experience through a simplified buying experience

# Organizations achieved 70 percent reduction in order processing costs due to unifying customer information on one platform

# SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions pull data for better information sharing across departments. The solutions provide latest product information and inventory levels to set realistic expectations and timelines with customers

# Experience 5 percent increase in average order value tanks to integration across product areas

“SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud empowers organizations to make the buying process not only easier but more profitable. The ability to consolidate customer information from previous interactions and historic purchases underscores the benefit of our technology coupled with omnichannel strategy,” said Marcus Ruebsam, senior vice president and head of strategy and solution management, SAP Hybris.

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