SAP expands SAP Travel OnDemand solution

Infotech Lead America: SAP announced new cooperation with partners and solution providers and increased availability of the SAP Travel OnDemand solution.

SAP Travel OnDemand is designed to allow financial officers and business travelers to handle travel and expense management with lower cost while staying in compliance with corporate policies.

The cloud-based solution is already available in the U.S. and Germany.

SAP said 14 additional country-specific versions are now also available, including: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Country-specific versions address national tax and statutory requirements, allowing for a seamless user experience for large, multi-national companies.

“Our main criteria was finding a fully integrated, one-stop travel solution, taking us all the way from pre-trip approval and online booking to expense reporting. It also had to be easy to use and mobile. We looked at others, but ultimately SAP is the only one with three decades of experience in this area. SAP Travel OnDemand gave us a trustworthy and effective way to handle one of the most complicated processes in the company,” said Tony Velleca, chief information officer, UST Global.

Since the March 2012 launch of SAP Travel OnDemand, SAP has doubled investment and committed to a faster pace of innovation, now delivering quarterly release cycles with new updates, features, partnerships and country versions to help ensure its customers take full advantage of the benefits of cloud applications.

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