SAP to buy US-based customer identity solutions co Gigya

Carsten Thoma, president and cofounder of SAP HybrisBusiness software major SAP is set to buy US-based Gigya, a provider of customer identity and access management solutions.

Gigya currently manages 1.3 billion customer identities in order to build identity-driven relationships for its enterprise clients. Mountain View, California-headquartered Gigya has more than 300 employees.

SAP will bring Gigya’s operations under the SAP Hybris business unit for customer engagement and commerce.

Gigya, an SAP Hybris partner since 2013, has customers already using a solution extension from SAP Hybris and Gigya.

The strategy of SAP Hybris is to become the first technology company to offer a cloud-based data platform to profile and convert new customers, collect insights from consumer engagement sources and collect data for consumer in line with regulations.

Gigya’s customer identity and access management platform helps companies to build digital relationships with their customers. The Gigya platform allows companies to manage customers’ profile, preference, opt-in and consent settings, with customers maintaining control of their data.

Gigya’s registration-as-a-service addresses geographical privacy issues and manages compliance requirements such as the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


“Gigya brings skills and expertise that will significantly enhance the SAP Hybris Profile solution and allow us to take leadership of the emerging customer identity and access management market,” said Carsten Thoma, president and cofounder of SAP Hybris.

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