SAP and Retail Velocity to offer inventory management solution

Infotech Lead America: Retail Velocity, a provider of demand signal repository and retail execution solutions, has released its Velocity Demand Data Streaming Service that will support SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM), a SAP HANA application.

The Velocity Demand Data Streaming Service provides manufacturers with a single access point to view daily data related to store and DC level inventory and sales (POS) activity data. Velocity provides demand analytics related to key areas such as category management, sales, customer logistics, finance, marketing, merchandising and demand planning.

The service will integrate retailers’ and distributors’ demand data streams to a manufacturer’s instance of SAP DSiM. This data will be presented in a single, easy-to-implement form that will help lower the total cost of ownership.  Manufacturers will be able to use this data to ensure that inventory levels, replenishment, sales and promotions are aligned with consumer demand to maximize revenue opportunities and reduce costs.

Ian McDonald, VP of consumer products industry business solutions at SAP, said, “Retail Velocity’s Data Streaming Service offers SAP’s Consumer Products customers a tried-and-tested service to quickly access their retail partners’ in-store data. It is a fantastic fit with SAP’s Demand Signal Management solution. Together we can bring our customers closer to understanding the true consumer pull on the supply chain.”

Consumer goods manufacturers rely on various methods and sometimes mutually exclusive processes for acquiring direct retailer POS data streams that integrate with multiple databases and business intelligence (BI) tools. Customers will now benefit from a fully integrated end-to-end offering.

Retail Velocity has offered retail data harmonization solutions to companies like Mattel, MASCO, Revlon, Hanesbrands and Levi Strauss. The company was previously known as Vendor Managed Technologies.

The company’s Velocity 7.0.9 solution suite achieved certified integration with SAP applications for its capabilities to extract customer hierarchy data, customer material information and materials data.

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