SanDisk powers ASUS TAICHI Ultrabook’s solid state drive (SSD)

Infotech Lead Asia: SanDisk is providing the solid state drive (SSD) for ASUS TAICHI Ultrabook.

ASUS TAICHI Ultrabook is powered by the Windows 8 operating system.


It features a tablet on the outside of the laptop lid, allowing users to easily transition from a tablet to notebook functionality, or operate both simultaneously.

The customized SanDisk X100 SSD, a high-performance stand-alone SSD model, enables ASUS TAICHI to offer notebook experience for consumers or business users, as well as the convenience of a tablet with stylus support.

The SanDisk X100 SSD used in the ASUS TAICHI enables the ultrabook to boot up quickly and provides incredibly responsive, small form factor storage.

With the ASUS TAICHI, both the tablet and notebook screens can be used at the same time, each featuring different content and applications. This enables the device to be easily shared by family, friends or co-workers simultaneously.

Moreover, the customized SanDisk SSD also enhances application performance in the ASUS TAICHI and includes thermal control features to help protect the device from overheating, even when both the tablet and notebook capabilities are being operated at once.

“The ASUS TAICHI, with its innovative all-in-one tablet and ultrabook design, opens the door for the possibility of exciting new usage models for medicine, education, business and even consumers,” said Y.C. Chen, product planning director, ASUS.

“The ASUS TAICHI is truly impressive, both in its design and performance, and we are pleased to work with ASUS on another innovative contribution to the ASUS Ultrabook family,” said Kevin Conley, SanDisk senior vice president and general manager, Client Storage Solutions.

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