Salesforce supports Schneider Electric for business efficiency

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CRM major Salesforce today revealed that it is supporting energy company Schneider Electric to empower its employees to connect with their customers in new ways.

First, Schneider Electric is utilizing Salesforce to drive its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and assist customers to manage their energy use efficiently.

Second, Schneider Electric is expanding the usage of Salesforce Customer Success Platform for connecting with customers.

Five years ago, Schneider Electric started using Salesforce Sales Cloud to transform its sales force with 360-degree views of its customers.

The company has now expanded its use of Salesforce significantly. All of the company’s call centers now run on Salesforce Service Cloud, and the company’s partner program is now powered by Salesforce Community Cloud and Salesforce Identity.

Schneider Electric is assisting customers to tackle energy efficiency in buildings and plants with predictive maintenance and Edge Control capabilities. Schneider Electric uses analytics from its connected objects — together with data in their Salesforce instance – to deliver powerful customer services, including automated planning and scheduling.

Herve Coureil, CIO at Schneider Electric, said: “With the convergence of IoT, big data, analytics and artificial intelligence, there’s a huge opportunity for us to close the loop between products, the information they’re generating and customer processes.”

Keith Block, vice chairman, president and COO at Salesforce, said that Schneider Electric is able to harness IoT, big data, analytics and artificial intelligence on one platform to get smarter and more predictive about its business and customers.

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