Salesforce selling Health Cloud for $150 per user, per month

Salesforce Cloud
Enterprise CRM maker Salesforce has launched Salesforce Health Cloud, a patient relationship management solution that enables providers to deliver better care.

The US-base technology giant is selling Salesforce Health Cloud for $150 per user, per month. The company claims that Salesforce Health Cloud enables more personalized care through complete patient views, smarter patient management and connected patient engagement.

For instance, Health Cloud keeps patient information in one place, including a Timeline view, demographic and family information and a functional diagram of the extended care team. Health Cloud integrates with EHRs to make real-time patient data easily visible and actionable from any device, giving information to manage patients.

This apart, Salesforce Health Cloud provides a single console for managing patients, allowing caregivers to create efficient workflows and improve the quality of patient experiences, while reducing costs by improving collaboration across teams. Care teams can take action on open tasks, create customized care plans for individuals and manage groups of patients, such as those with high-blood pressure or diabetes.

Salesforce Health Cloud enables caregivers and patients to send and receive messages, get reminders and complete surveys from any device, encouraging them to stay on top of their health goals.

“In this digital era, healthcare providers need to go beyond records to create strong and meaningful patient relationships,” said Joshua Newman, chief medical officer, GM, Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences. “Salesforce Health Cloud delivers a powerful platform that connects patients and providers in entirely new ways, improving outcomes and personalizing care.”

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