Salesforce reveals Analytics Cloud on mobile

Salesforce has revealed the availability of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud on mobile to empower business users with insights, anywhere.

From the phone, users can now import and analyze new data sources and can build entirely new dashboards and share insights.

Addition to this, a free playground version of the Analytics Cloud is available for desktops and mobile devices, with this anyone can experience the power of the Analytics Cloud using their own imported data.

According to recent Mc Kinsey and Company study, the companies which make extensive use of customer analytics have 2.6 times significantly higher Return on Investment than competitors.

Most analytics solutions make it impossible for users to create and consume data driven insights when and where they needed the most.


Wave Mobile Connector enables users to import a raw data file, such as a CSV file, into the Analytics Cloud mobile app, and transform it into interactive visualizations that can be exploded directly on the phone, with a single tap.

Wave Mobile Dashboard Designer allows customers, using the phone, to create an entire analytics dashboard using any data source. A data set will be transformed into a variety of interconnected charts and graphs.

Wave Links, the Salesforce 1 mobile application, will be able to connect directly to a specific data set, chart or dashboard in the Analytics Cloud mobile app, making it easier for users to run their business from their phone.

The Free Playground version of the Analytics Cloud is now available for mobile devices and desktop to experience the Analytics Cloud in action on a mobile device or desktop. The desktop version also includes tutorials to help visitors learn how to ask questions of data and explore dashboard mashups of multiple data sources.

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