Salesforce Partners with AU Small Finance Bank to Digitize Customer Onboarding Process

Salesforce, the global CRM solutions leader, has joined forces with AU Small Finance Bank (AU SFB), one of India’s prominent small finance banks.
Salesforce technology for retailThe collaboration aims to implement an advanced digital customer onboarding solution specifically tailored for vehicle loan customers of AU SFB, showcasing the bank’s commitment to technological advancement and improved customer engagement.

The partnership highlights AU SFB’s strategic approach towards leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance customer experience. By integrating Salesforce’s platform, AU SFB intends to create a fully digitized solution that caters to the needs of relationship officers and business managers.

This initiative will consolidate the entire customer journey of credit and operations onto a unified platform, allowing for expedited Turnaround Time (TAT) and customer acquisition through various digital channels. Furthermore, AU SFB aims to optimize its existing API stack, minimize manual data entry, and enhance data validation processes using Salesforce’s capabilities.

AU SFB plans to enhance operational efficiency by incorporating advanced reporting functionalities. This involves refining processes related to underwriting credit decisions, data and document verification, and providing real-time dashboards for users, facilitating a transition to a paperless workflow.

Bhaskar Karkera, Head of Retail Assets at AU Small Finance Bank, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to elevate customer experience while boosting productivity. He highlighted AU SFB’s dedication to customer-centricity and emphasized the competitive edge that this collaboration would provide in the evolving financial ecosystem.

Arun Kumar Parameswaran, Managing Director – Sales, Salesforce India, underscored the importance of trust, digitization, and personalization in driving innovations within the banking sector. He praised AU SFB’s commitment to digital transformation and reiterated Salesforce’s dedication to supporting the bank in achieving its business objectives.

Established in April 2017, AU Small Finance Bank has rapidly emerged as a leading small finance bank in India, boasting a legacy of over 28 years in the retail banking sector. The bank focuses on serving unserved and underserved retail and MSME customer segments while offering comprehensive banking solutions. AU SFB is renowned for its tech-driven approach, offering products and services such as 24X7 video banking, credit cards, personal loans, UPI QRs, and WhatsApp Banking.

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