Salesforce intros AI Cloud Starter for $360,000 annually

Salesforce has unveiled the AI Cloud service that hopes to attract enterprises by offering the company’s AI-powered products under one umbrella.
Salesforce technology for retailSalesforce said the AI Cloud Starter pack is available for $360,000 annually with the necessary building blocks — Data Cloud, MuleSoft automation, Einstein, Tableau Analytics, Slack, CRM, and a free AI-readiness assessment from Salesforce Professional Services. Salesforce said enterprise clients need an annual contract for its AI Cloud offerings.

AI Cloud will include Salesforce’s products from the Einstein service to workplace-messaging app Slack and data analysis software Tableau.

The move underscores the race among technology companies to incorporate their tools with generative AI, which can create new text, imagery and other content based on inputs from past data.

“AI Cloud, built on the #1 CRM, is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to unleash the incredible power of AI, with trust at the center driven by our new Einstein GPT Trust Layer. AI Cloud will unlock incredible innovation, productivity, and efficiency for every company,” Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, said in a news statement.

Along with the company’s own offerings, AI Cloud will host the large-language models (LLMs) – the core software of artificial intelligence systems – from providers such as Amazon Web Services, Anthropic and Cohere.

Salesforce said it plans to ensure data privacy for businesses using such offerings by helping prevent the LLMs from retaining sensitive customer information.

In March, the company launched the Einstein GPT service and said it is working with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to add the chatbot sensation to its collaboration software Slack.

The CRM major Salesforce has also doubled its venture capital fund for generative AI startups to $500 million.