Salesforce dominates CRM market — well ahead of SAP

CRM applications market in the Asia Pacific grew 14 percent to $4.25 billion in the first half of 2022, IDC said.

Salesforce (18.7 percent share), SAP (6.6 percent), Oracle (5.1 percent), Microsoft (4.9 percent), Adobe, Genesys and Shopify are the leading vendors in the CRM market in Asia Pacific.
CRM market in Asia PacificIn a recent IDC Survey, APJ organizations’ key CX priorities are driven by customer sentiment (focus on customer pain points, and customer metrics improvement, customer engagement, etc.). CRMs help drive customer value, long-term customer relationships, and customer loyalty.

“While there has been an increase in the presence of cloud-based CRM solutions, there is still a need to further understand what CX challenges technology buyers are facing and how technology vendors can drive product innovation in terms of advanced analytics capabilities, low-code/no-code features, and more extensive customization,” said Lavanya Jindal, Market Analyst, Customer Experience and Enterprise Applications, IDC Asia Pacific.

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