SafeNet’s Sentinel Envelope technology offers enhanced copy protection

Infotech Lead America: Software monetization company SafeNet’s third-generation Sentinel Envelope technology is now available. The technology provides software vendors enhanced copy protection and prevention of modification and tampering.

Software developers can now protect code integrity and deliver strong application security while reducing deployment delays and overhead costs.

Sentinel Envelope works with Sentinel LDK, the company’s software protection, licensing, and entitlement management system, to help software publishers protect their software and intellectual property (IP) with least possible disruption while maximizing profitability.

Sentinel Envelope provides software developers superior application protection that includes an automatic file packer that uses SafeNet’s advanced file encryption, code obfuscation and anti-debugging technologies.

The Sentinel Envelope creates a robust shield that wraps executable files and dynamically linked libraries (DLLs). It binds applications to hardware or software based protection keys so that customers can effectively enforce copy protection, protect their trade secrets, professional know-how and IP from reverse engineering, tampering and piracy.

The Sentinel Envelope offers new features for both its 32- and 64-bit engine. These features include import table gating, OEP (original entry point) obfuscation, constant runtime debugging protection, improved real-time anti-debugging and anti-tracing capabilities.

The solution offers a file packer that utilizes a white-box-based secure channel to protect the secure channel encryption key from dynamic or static extraction from protected binaries.

The Sentinel Envelope blocks the reconstruction of protected binaries from attacks based on memory dumping. It uses vendor specific components to protect the secure channel encryption key from being dynamically or statically extracted from the protected binaries.

The solution has a feature that removes the import address table (IAT) and scatters its information inside the Envelope code, including the original entry point (OEP).  Its debugger confuses hackers with delayed responses, misleading commands, and false information.

Sentinel LDK’s Envelope also provides “user-mode” licenses that enable faster, easier and lower overhead installations.

These enhancements to Sentinel LDK’s Envelope technology ensure product and brand integrity and empowers users to combat competitive espionage while safeguarding revenue streams.


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