SafeNet unveils new embedded software monetization solution

Infotech Lead America: SafeNet, a provider of software monetization solutions, has announced Sentinel RMS Embedded – a highly portable version of the company’s enterprise software licensing toolkit, Sentinel RMS. The new technology can be deployed on any Android-powered device, handset, or tablet as part of a comprehensive software monetization strategy.

The solution is designed specifically for memory-constrained embedded environments.  It uses feature-level control mechanisms and entitlement management techniques to enable embedded systems vendors to protect, manage, and flexibly price and package the software powering their hardware in order to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs, and improve customer experience.

Sentinel RMS Embedded offers feature-level packaging, control, software usage tracking and ongoing entitlement management. These features enable vendors to build incremental value and optimize revenues by pricing and selling their base product separately from additional features. This capability will also lower operating costs as vendors can decrease the number of hardware SKUs they usually have to support. All the costs related to support, upgrades, and renewal processes can be eliminated.

The company’s enterprise entitlement management system automates several processes related to customer lifecycle management, from product activation to ongoing use and upgrade management. This feature improves customer experience while lowering costs of managing processes manually.

Unlike typical software, embedded systems often run on non-standard platforms, have very little spare memory, and have strict performance requirements. Sentinel RMS Embedded is built with these challenges in mind.

Sentinel RMS Embedded offers Product Configuration Management to reduce inventory costs and simplify operational processes. The solution’s flexible business models offers different software licensing models and enforcement mechanisms to suit individual customer demands.

Vendors can remotely upgrade software and control feature-level access. Sentinel RMS Embedded enables centralization and automation of product activation, usage tracking, and ongoing end-user entitlement management.

The smaller footprint and efficient memory conforms to environment constraints without compromising device performance. Sentinel RMS Embedded supports a broad variety of platforms and operating systems.

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