Riyadh Air Chooses IBM Consulting as Lead Systems Integrator for Ambitious Digital Transformation

Riyadh Air, the forward-looking airline with ambitions to revolutionize the travel experience, has announced a significant collaboration with IBM Consulting, appointing them as the lead systems integrator for their pioneering digital transformation journey. This strategic partnership is set to pave the way for Riyadh Air to create an innovative technology foundation that will elevate the airline’s digital and technological capabilities.
Riyadh Air and IBM Consulting have jointly crafted the airline’s digital and technology strategy, a blueprint that promises to redefine the future of travel. With this partnership, Riyadh Air is now poised to realize their vision by enlisting IBM Consulting’s expertise in building and orchestrating the essential business and technology capabilities that underpin their transformative strategy.

The scope of this collaboration is comprehensive, encompassing the implementation and integration of more than 50 airline industry solutions and core technology capabilities. This includes areas such as security, infrastructure, integration, and data platforms, all approached with a hybrid cloud methodology. In addition, IBM Consulting will assume a pivotal role by coordinating the efforts of over 40 partners. This will involve providing program and technical governance, project management, quality assurance, change and communications management, as well as training.

The overarching goal of this partnership is to strategically position Riyadh Air within the broader ecosystem, empowering the airline to offer groundbreaking digital innovations and extraordinary experiences for travelers and guests. Riyadh Air’s vision is to become a world-class airline, distinguished by personalized and seamless guest experiences driven by AI and cutting-edge digital technology. This includes meticulous attention to detail, creating memorable micro-moments throughout the traveler’s journey. Furthermore, the partnership will also focus on empowering employees with data-driven insights and new ways of working to better serve Riyadh Air’s guests.

Riyadh Air’s ambition is to launch its inaugural flight in 2025, aiming to lead the aviation industry in digital technology and innovation. “IBM Consulting will be our principal partner driving us towards our vision with their deep expertise in managing large complex systems and integration programs, as well as their expertise in the travel industry,” stated Adam Boukadida, Chief Financial Officer of Riyadh Air.

IBM Consulting’s Senior Vice President, John Granger, emphasized the role of technology in achieving Riyadh Air’s aspirations, stating, “A technology foundation built with an open, hybrid cloud approach and AI can help them achieve the flexibility and agility needed to support their goal of delivering an exceptional travel experience for their guests.”

Additionally, IBM Consulting will establish and maintain Riyadh Air’s hybrid cloud integration platform, supported by IBM CloudPak for Integration and Red Hat OpenShift. This platform will provide robust integration tools to seamlessly connect applications and data within a unified and user-friendly experience.

Riyadh Air’s digital and technology strategy aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to position the Kingdom as a global aviation and trade hub. Given Saudi Arabia’s strategic location, Riyadh Air aspires to lead the aviation industry by transforming the nation into a prominent player on the global aviation stage. This partnership with IBM Consulting is a significant step in achieving this vision and redefining the future of air travel.