How Riverbed helped enterprise cloud migration and cut costs


Riverbed Technology has revealed how its solutions helped enterprise customers to migrate their data volumes into cloud and its role in saving operating time and costs efficiently.

BDO Canada, a provider of professional services, has deployed Riverbed SteelFusion to strengthen IT infrastructure for supporting the firm’s merger and acquisitions strategy.

BDO Canada, which has more than 125 offices, uses MPLS wide-area network (WAN) to connect the offices to data center in Toronto where the firm’s business-critical software applications are housed.

BDO Canada used SteelFusion to converge all local office data in the firm’s data center, replacing all-night backups with quick data center updates to deliver the best application performance.

Riverbed said BDO Canada has benefited significantly from increase in data security and reduction in IT travel time, resulting in the migration of its local offices to SteelFusion at a rate of about 25 offices / year.

Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, an international risk management company, has adopted Riverbed SteelFusion to migrate to cloud.

Engineers of BakerRisk, which provides solutions to companies and government agencies involved with hazardous materials to prevent or mitigate accidents, and protect personnel and other assets, generate large data sets as large as 100 gigabytes due to detailed facility information and large volumes of simulation data.

Engineers of BakerRisk, after adopting Riverbed solutions, reduced file transfer times by nearly 90 percent, cut disaster recovery replication traffic by 65 percent, and safeguarded all data at one secure location.

Between the six edge locations, BakerRisk saved between $140,000 and $240,000 in infrastructure cost and has eliminated the need to have highly skilled technical staff permanently stationed at each of their sites, eliminating a significant ongoing operational expense.

Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) is using Riverbed solution as part of its transition to a cloud-first IT strategy.

The solution combines Riverbed SteelHead and Riverbed SteelCentral, which will accelerate mission-critical applications and deliver the network performance insight required to improve and expand life-saving healthcare services for patients across Queensland.

RFDS has deployed SteelHead across all its regional sites in Queensland, with plans to implement SteelHead Mobile on laptops and mobile devices, empowering doctors to take advantage of 3G and 4G connectivity when working in remote locations with limited connectivity.

RFDS’s transition to a cloud-first IT strategy also includes an upcoming migration to Microsoft Office 365, and is driven by a goal to more effectively manage its limited IT resources.

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