Rimini Street assists Atento to save 60% on SAP maintenance costs

Rimini Street Latin AmericaRimini Street today said it’s assisting Atento in saving 60 percent on its annual SAP maintenance costs by switching from SAP to Rimini Street support two years ago.

In addition to the savings realized, Atento can run its global SAP ECC 6.0 system for a minimum of 15 years with full support and no required upgrades.

Atento, one of providers of customer relationship services and solutions in Latin America, is among the top three companies of this sector in the world, with operational presence in 15 countries.

Atento relies on its stable SAP applications, a critical component of its business operations across 15 countries. But Atento could not find a current benefit from undertaking an expensive re-platforming exercise required for a migration to S/4HANA – primarily due to a lack of ROI needed to present a solid business case for the change.

Atento determined that their customized SAP applications provided more business leverage and capability than the immature S/4HANA platform.

Atento selected Rimini Street in order to maximize their SAP investment while providing added value and more responsive support.

“We have a very high maintenance cost compared to the return we receive for such a considerable annual investment,” said Rogerio Ribeiro, CIO at Atento for Latin America, Europe and Central America.

“By switching to Rimini Street for support, we immediately reduced our annual support fees by 50 percent,” Rogerio Ribeiro said.

Atento went through a consolidation of its ERP instances and the company has a common platform for its sites in 15 countries. Rimini Street provides Atento with support for Brazil tax, legal and regulatory updates throughout the year.

“Atento was in a similar position to many SAP licensees across Latin America, and around the world, who want to leverage their current, robust SAP release for many years to come and are finding no current ROI or business case to spend the substantial funds and labor required to migrate to S/4HANA,” said Edenize Maron, general manager, Latin America, Rimini Street.

According to a global survey conducted by Rimini Street, 89 percent of the total respondents plan to continue to run their current SAP ERP releases, and 65 percent of survey respondents have no plans to, or are currently not committed to, migrating to S/4HANA.

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